Wedding Shower Etiquette

Follow Wedding Shower Etiquette – Send Thank You Notes!

There is certain wedding shower etiquette that has to be followed by the bride to show love and concern for the friends and relatives who have attended the showers. In the wedding showers, your close friends and many relatives have showered you with gifts that you will use in setting up your home. Now it’s your turn to let them know how much you appreciate their affection.

Wedding Shower Etiquette

Tips For The Proper Wedding Shower Custom:

Here are some quick tips and a wedding shower etiquette list that you can read through:

  • Send thank you notes and cards to each guest, regardless of the gift that they had brought.
  • These notes should be either be hand-delivered or sent through mail. E-mailing is not considered to be a good option for this purpose, as it does not lend a personal touch.
  • Don’t combine all your ‘thank-you’ notes. A particular friend might have sent you an engagement gift, wedding shower gifts or even the marriage gift in advance, but you must send different thank-you notes. Combining the notes shows lack of concern.
  • Ideally, you should send the thanks notes within one or two weeks of the shower, but if you are not able to do so.then better send it late than not sending it at all.
  • Personalize the note by adding something about the gift. For example: Thank you for attending the bridal shower and the lovely silk nightgown.
  • Handwrite your card; it will make all your guests feel special.
  • Send a special thanks note to the hostess for organizing the lovely shower for you. You should try to include a small gift for her like a handbag, perfume bottle or some keep sake.
  • Keep a track of who has gifted what by writing on back of the tag on the gift. Then, mention that gift in your note.
  • The wedding shower etiquette does not require you to write long notes and buy expensive cards, instead it should be small and sweet which conveys your gratitude towards all your well wishers.

Other Considerations Of The Shower

The wedding shower cakes are an integral part of the celebrations. You do not require a multi-tier cake here, so you can design a luxurious single layer cake. You can customize the cake by asking for fruits and nuts toppings, colorful shavings and personal messages. The shape can be traditional round or square, or funkier like a star, triangle or a pentagon.

It’s always fun to create a bridal shower theme, as it helps the guests to select a suitable gift for the bride. The shower dresses, menu items, cake, games all can be co-ordinated according to the theme. The theme can be anything like: kitchen theme, honeymoon theme, gourmet dishes theme or simple sporty theme. The idea here is to have maximum fun with minimum hassle. Do not forget to follow the wedding shower etiquette of sending thank-you notes with proper personalized messages handwritten on them.

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