Wedding Shower Favors

Wedding Shower Favors – Thoughtful Return Gifts

Wedding shower favors should reflect the theme of the party and also should have some creative touch so that the guests remember it forever. As you must know, wedding showers are mostly girlie affairs where the bride gets to have fun with her friends and relatives. The bridesmaid or matron of honor hosts this party which is held a few days prior to the wedding.

Wedding Shower Favors

Theme That Suits The Couple

In this occasion, the bride is given wedding shower gifts by all the guests. When you are hosting such a party, it’s always advisable to choose a theme so that the guests can bring the gifts accordingly. For example, if you have selected the theme as ‘kitchen’, the bride will receive kitchen items and other related equipments of all variety. If the theme is ‘living room’, then the bride will receive décor items; cushion covers, linen, clocks etc. This way, you will help the bride in getting those gifts which will be most useful for her in setting up her marital home.

When you send out the wedding shower invitations, tell about the theme in an attractive manner through custom made cards. If you are at a loss of words, you can take the help of freelance writers to create poems and prose which would reflect the theme nicely. You do not have to spend too much on the card, but some investment of time and out of the box ideas will make the invitations seem more interesting.

Some Favors That Your Guests Would Love To Receive

When the guests are leaving, it is customary to present them with wedding shower favors. These little return gifts can be anything that falls in line with the theme. A sachet full of potpourri or candies is most common. You can arrange for nice lacey miniature purses and bags that remind one of old age romance. Personalized candles with floral or fruity smell, lipsticks and lip gloss sets, bath salts and aromatic oils, make up kits, manicure sets.all these make perfect wedding shower favors as these things are loved by all women.

For the more creative personalities, you can go in for baked cookies in shape of wedding dress or wedding cakes. Similarly, key chains with wedding ensembles like the church bell, danglers, rings or chandeliers look very cute, women love to flaunt these chains on their purses and pockets. If you are hosting a tea-party, then you can get some small tea cups and cakes with the bride’s and groom’s names written on it.

The nicest way to thank a person is to return the favor, thus, when you create an interesting favor for the wedding shower, you are actually saying thanks to all your friends and relatives for everything. Guest bring gifts after considering the theme and mood of the party, so its your turn now to give them cute return gifts which will make them feel special and make the occasion an exciting experience. Put your imagination to work and come up with some great ideas to produce unforgettable wedding shower favors.

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