Wedding Shower Games

Wedding Shower Games – Get Playing The Fun Games-Some Ideas

In the pre-marital parties, wedding shower games play important role in having lots of fun before the actual wedding. Wedding showers are informal parties hosted by the bridesmaids, or other female relatives of the bride a few days before the marriage. In this occasion, friends and family give gifts to the bride in order to help up set up her new home after getting married. This custom has originated in the United States; it is exclusive fun for the bride and her close relatives.

Wedding Shower Games

Send Invitations Properly –

The wedding shower etiquette says that the invitation should be given out by the bridesmaid, and the charge of the event should be taken by the main matron. It is not considered good if the invitations are sent by any other relative of the bride. In this party, the aim is to spend fun time amongst relatives and friends. The bride also gets lovely gifts which is essential for settling down in the new life.

The wedding shower invitations should be sent few days in advance and theme of the party must be included in it. This allows the guests to select dresses, gifts which go with the theme. The theme that you decide should reflect the bride’s taste or choice; it’s her special day after all! Theme should be designed in such a way that people are able to break the ice, enjoy themselves and have a relaxed time which they will remember for long.

Some Games For Fun!

Wedding shower games are very important part of the whole affair, they should be chosen with care. The games that you decide should go with the theme and overall mood of the party. They should be fun, the least competitive and must do the job of getting people to interact and enjoy each others company. Top five wedding shower games are: playing bingo, treasure hunt, making dresses with toilet paper rolls, quiz about the bride and groom, clothespins games.

To play bingo, you will require a bingo table, markers, and some prize items. Now everyone should write on the boards, what gifts they think the bride has received that day. When the gift opening time comes, then they can tick-off the items from the list. Those with maximum number of ticks win the game.

One of the most popular wedding shower games is the clothespins game. Here every guest will receive the clothespins and pin it on their dresses. Then you can set up some rules like: ‘no one crosses legs’, ‘no one says sorry’, ‘do not wink your eyes’. If someone is caught breaking the rules, then the clothespins is taken by the guests who points out the mistake. At the end, person with maximum number of pins wins the game.

Other wedding shower games are similarly fun to play and do the most vital task of bringing all guests together to have some fun time with the bride!

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