Wedding Shower Invitations

Wedding Shower Invitations – A Know – How About Creating A Good Card

Traditionally, the wedding shower invitations are sent by the bridesmaids, as they play the host for this occasion. However, in a more reformed way, many relatives and friends plan the wedding showers together and share the expenses. The purpose of this ritual is to shower the bride with gifts and allow her some relaxing and fun time with her family just before the big day. In this party, which is usually thrown during the afternoon, the bride gets to spend quality time with her family members and close friends, and all the people enjoy each other’s company in a homely atmosphere.

Wedding Shower Invitations - A Know - How About Creating A Good Card

Decide Place And Theme Well In Advance

The first thing before you send the wedding shower invitations is to decide on the venue. If it is a small gathering, you may like to host it in your garden or inside the house. But if the guest list is long, you must choose a place which is big enough to accommodate all, and still have place left for games, dance etc. In any case, it is always a good idea to include a map of the venue; this is done to avoid any confusion for the guests.

Since it is a semi-formal occasion, the wedding shower invitations tend to be more colorful and whimsical as compared to the wedding itself. It also tells the guest about the theme, which is generally different from the wedding ceremony. Some ideas for themes are wine-tasting theme, health and fitness theme, kitchen theme, home-décor theme and spa theme. The wedding shower cakes are also designed according to the theme, you can order for a custom designed cake in advance. The idea is to create a theme which reflects the bride’s or the to-be-wed couple’s interest and inclination.

Make A Unique And Artistic Invitation:

The wedding shower invitations that you create should be attractive and must describe the theme in a creative manner. If you are having difficulty in finding the appropriate words to fit the theme, then you may take help of a freelance writer to custom design your card, by adding poem and prose.

The quality and content of the invitations depends on your budget and whether you want to do-it-yourself or get it done professionally. You can create the cards totally on your own, but remember that this will take lots of time. Otherwise, you can order the cards, buy it from your local store, get it printed or search for the right card on the internet.

Wedding shower party should be fun and memorable for the bride. To make it more interesting, you can take clues from various wedding shower ideas you get from friends, acquaintances or even the internet. These ideas will help you create a unique theme with suitable eatables on the menu, décor of the party place and dresses for the bride and bridesmaid. The wedding shower invitations should reflect your style, your feelings for the bride, your intention to have a fun time and your creativity.

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