Wedding Shower Themes

Wedding Shower Themes – Add More Fun To The Party

Wedding shower themes go a long way in making the party a grand success. Traditionally, the showers are hosted by the bridesmaid of honor, but it can be co-hosted by the bride’s close friends or female relatives. If you are one of the hosts, try to arrange the whole event around a theme so that it looks good and feels exciting. Wedding showers are meant to be fun-time for the bride that she would spend with her near and dear ones. Thus, the theme must be one that suits the bride’s personality and choice.

Wedding Shower Themes - Add More Fun To The Party

Bridesmaid Is The Host

The wedding shower etiquette requires that the invitations should be sent out by the bridesmaid or the maid of honor. It is considered inappropriate if the invitations are sent by some other relative of the bride. All the guests bring gifts for the bride and the bride, in turn, prepares return gifts for the guests. These return gifts are a way to show how much the bride appreciated her guests’ support and love; they are rightly called wedding shower favors. It shows that the bride is acknowledging her relatives’ love and concern by returning the affection in her own way.

Some Great Themes To Choose From

To make the party more exciting and unique, choose wedding shower themes from the list below or create your own unique theme. Themes help in the setting up of a nice décor and menu items; it also helps the guest in selecting the gifts for the bride.

  • Gourmet theme: For a bride who loves to cook as well as eat different types of food and cuisine. Here the guests can bring different dishes and you can serve assorted snacks taken from different type of cuisine.
  • Room of the house: In this, you will indicate one room for each guest, so that they can bring gifts that are related to a specific room in the house. One guest might be given the bedroom, another one the kitchen and so on.
  • Around the clock: this requires the guests to bring gifts pertaining to specific hour of the day as assigned to them in the invitation. The bride will receive many interesting and surprise gifts as it depends on the guest’s imagination what they think the couple will need at a particular hour of the day.
  • Other common wedding shower themes are kitchen theme, stock my cellar theme, boutique theme etc.

The basic aim of the shower party is to have fun, so arrange some fun games woven around the wedding shower themes. You must select games which engage everyone’s participation and interaction. It is a great way to break the ice, the more people talk, the more they will enjoy each other’s company. The games should be non-competitive and some personal touch to the games will bring about more fun and excitement.

If you are responsible of throwing a wedding shower party, then make sure that it is the best. Plan everything in advance and in co-ordination with the bride. Make the wedding shower themes so unique and interesting that everyone enjoys the occasion to the most!

Wedding Showers – Fun Time For The Bride And Family

As you must know, wedding showers are those functions before the marriage in which the bride is showered with gifts from her friends and relatives. This occasion is also important in the sense of the bride receiving gifts, if the bride’s parents are not agreeing to the union. The gifts received in this occasion are basically helpful for the newly wed couple to set up their new home.

Invitations And Rituals

The wedding shower invitations are sent out by the bridesmaid with the maid or matron taking the major role. This custom is believed to have originated in the USA. It is considered to be inappropriate if someone else, other relative hosts the party and it should be from the bridesmaids only. People bring gifts for the bride and it is a custom to return their favor by giving return gifts.

The basic purpose of the wedding showers is that it gives the bride some exclusive time with her family and close friends before entering the institution of marriage. It is a known fact that both the man and his wife will become very busy in setting up their new home, coping with new relatives and adjusting with each other, after the wedding. Thus, these few hours of relaxation with the family gives the bride the much needed respite from wedding rituals and rejuvenates her.

In the wedding showers, lot of fun and games are included. The aim of including games is to have fun together as a family. The wedding shower games should be planned in a way that it encourages to interact and break the ice. Trivial questions about the bride and groom can be asked, memory games, making wedding dress with toilet papers etc., games are a hit in these parties.

Some Bright Ideas

There are many popular wedding shower ideas, which you can use to make the party all the more interesting:

  • Theme party: You can send the invitations with the theme of the wedding showers written in it. Examples of themes are: Kitchen theme, Decoration theme, Health and fitness theme. The guests will come with gifts which are in line of the theme, thus the couple will have lots of their favorite things to start setting up their home. As a host, you must know the bride’s taste, likings and requirements in order to select the theme.
  • Food and favors: Food should match with the theme, should be informal in nature and should be a non-messy affair. If you are having a ‘wine tasting theme’, then some crackers, nuts and other nibbles which go down well with wine can be kept. Some people prefer giving return gifts. Do not make this a lengthy affair. A simple scented candle or a photo frame embossed with the couple’s name makes nice gifts for wedding showers.

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