Wedding Stationery Is An Important Part Of Your Bridal Party

Wedding stationery includes a number of items such as invitations cards

Wedding stationery includes a number of items such as invitations cards, thank-you notes and cards. You could use your stationery to invite guests to your engagement party or bridal shower as well as for the wedding day. You also need to express gratitude and gladness to your friends and family for taking out time to attend the functions of your marriage. Wedding stationery proves be very useful here.

Stationery is an integral part of wedding supplies. More often than not people spell stationery as ‘stationary’, in fact, even I do so when my mind is preoccupied with other things! The word ‘stationary’ means to ‘stand still’, so it is quite inappropriate to use it to refer to different types of paper.

And ‘standing still’ reminds us that marriage is no time to sit about, relax or even stand still for a few seconds, there is just so much to do! The added benefit of running around is that you end up getting in shape too!Wedding stationery includes a number of items such as invitations cards

If you organize and plan things in advance, you can make the task much easier for yourself.

In the case of wedding stationery, you can always shop for it even a few months in advance. Pick up all types of stationery like cards, notes, colored sheets of paper, covers etc. so that you have ample in hand to write ‘special’ invitations to all. Doing this will not only add much joy to your preparations but will also reduce your stress and worries. Besides, you will also have ample time to send invitations to all your friends and family at a leisurely pace without missing out on anyone. If your wedding is theme based, it would be better to pick up stationery that goes with the theme. On receiving such cards and notes from you, your guests will look forward to a well-planned affair.

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Types Of Stationery

There are various types of wedding stationery that are meant for the bridesmaid, ring bearer and all party guests. You can also get stationery that is personalized and customized to suit the various events of your marriage.

  • The appreciation card is a piece of stationery that has mainly three types of uses: To jot down notes and prompts and to keep checks and cash in its safe pockets.
  • The embossed double border and dove/floral thank-you notes are a good way to say thank you. You get colored envelopes along with these cards as well.
  • Escort cards are also important bits of stationery for the bridal party. Designed mostly in white, it is used to escort the guest to his/her assigned seat at the bridal party. These cards are also a good way to ensure security in high class parties.
  • Printed generic response cards are often sent to guests so that the marriage and reception party guests can respond to their invitation with ease.Types Of Stationery

Wedding stationery is needed right from the beginning till the end of the event. Choose the right wedding stationery in time and suited to your party’s theme to have a great marriage day.

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