Wedding Supplies – An Unlimited Requirement

When you plan a wedding, hundreds of wedding supplies will be on your mind

When you plan a wedding, hundreds of wedding supplies will be on your mind. Of course the easiest thing to do would be to hire professional event managers and just sit back and enjoy the bridal day as they would do all the work. But sometimes it is easier said than done. Especially if you want to keep the cost in check! The best would be to prepare a plan of action and list all the things that need your personal attention and those jobs that can be delegated to others. Garnish everything with a bit of creativity and hey presto; you have a marriage ceremony that would be the talk of the town for some time to come.

Wedding Supplies - An Unlimited Requirement

Budgeting Wedding Supplies

Here are the areas that you should carefully consider while deciding on the wedding supplies:

  • The bridal dress: The bride would need to dress in stunning apparel and designer clothes can burn quite a hole in the pocket. What you can do is check out the gowns that are available online as well as in stores; some of these bargains are quite a steal. You could also choose to customize an existing design to make it more exclusive. At times, even wedding makeup and wedding jewelry are available at bargain prices along with the gowns!
  • The marriage venue: The marriage venue could be a garden or a large hall. It could also be someplace that is personally special for the couple-to-be, like the place where they first met. Apt decorations can make a place quite grand. Choose flowers, fruits, candles and colors that make the venue vibrant with life and love. Use your imagination to make an ordinary place the very perfect setting.
  • The cake: The cake is the centre of everyone’s attraction. You needn’t purchase a lavish one as is generally seen in celebrity weddings. Instead you could bake one that is just as great. It is always a great idea to bake cakes of different flavors and multilayer them atop each other. Decorate the cake yourself. Don’t forget to check on the weather too. After all you won’t want the Weather God to play spoilsport and ruin all that lovely icing by melting it.
  • Invitations: The stationery is an essential part of the wedding supplies. However, all those cards and embossed thank-you notes can be quite a burden on the budget! Consider using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to design your own cards. You could get creative and place the photographs of the couple-to-be and personalize the cards. Please do check on your spellings and grammar. This job is not one to be done in haste!
  • Marriage photos: Instead of hiring a professional photographer or a studio, ask your friends who ‘click’ as a hobby. They would gladly oblige and do just as good a job.
  • Giveaway souvenirs: You would want the guests to remember the marriage and carry back sweet memories of the events. Well, select the souvenirs and customize them with your personal touch. You could purchase table cloths and embroider them or pick up picture frames and decorate them with glitter.

    Budgeting Wedding Supplies

Buying wedding supplies should be initiated after the budget is finalized

Buying wedding supplies should be initiated after the budget is finalized. If you buy in bulk, you could further save good money that could be put to better use elsewhere in the wedding preparations.

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