Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations – Some Great Ideas To Make Your Wedding Decorations Special

So you have finally got into planning your wedding and you have realized how minute details like, wedding table decorations really take up a lot of time in planning. It is the little details that require lots of attention and time. Wedding tables are the center of attention for every guest. Poorly decorated wedding tables can ruin the whole ambience.

When guests sit down at their respective wedding tables, you want them to appreciate the decorations, the thought and the effort that went into the decorations. You want your wedding table decorations to be the talk of your wedding.

Some Tips

There are plenty of wedding decorations ideas that you can use to make your table decorations exquisite and beautiful.

  1. Tea light candles in little glass boxes placed aside every table setting will give a dreamy atmosphere.
  2. You can also use large clear glass bowls filled with sand and floating candles as center pieces.
  3. To add a romantic touch to the tables you can sprinkle rose petals on tables.
  4. China that you are going to use should match the theme of your wedding decorations. For example, if you have planned an informal wedding, then simple white porcelain plates with gold or silver edges would work.
  5. If you are using simple dinnerware, then you need to use extravagant centerpieces for wedding table decorations. Gold and silver embossed vases filled with multi-colored tulip buds will complement your simple dinnerware.
  6. While focusing on wedding table decorations, you should not neglect the chairs. A good way to decorate the chairs would be to wrap them with organza ribbons in dark shades of gold or ivory. Match the table napkins with the ribbons and see the effect.


Center piece is one of the main focuses of table decorations. Floral arrangements are the most popular choice when it comes to centerpiece. While choose the flowers you need to ensure that they match with the overall theme. Then you need to decide whether you want real flowers or fake ones. You can have the best wedding decoration with both, real and fake. Next you need to decide on the vases. The vase will bring the arrangement together so make sure that you make the right selection.

As I mentioned earlier, your table decorations are incomplete without candles. You can use candles just as showpieces. If you are going to be lighting them, then make sure that you selection is right. Next you have to take care of the presentation. You can display them in glass holders. If you are not going to be lighting them, then you can wrap them with sparkly ribbons or lace.

There are no shortages of ideas relating to wedding and reception decorations. All you have to do is look around a little bit and you will come across some very creative ideas relating to wedding table decorations.

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