wedding trends Copenhagen

wedding trends Copenhagen

In case you’re curious what’s in trend when it comes to bridal hairstyles and bridal makeup

In case you’re curious what’s in trend when it comes to bridal hairstyles and bridal makeup in the year 2019, then you definitely need to read our review.

It seems that the retro style has succeeded to become more and more popular nowadays and the majority of designers go on the trail of the vintage style or the romantic one. For the nonconformist parties, the designers came with a large range of short wedding dresses or even colored ones.In case you’re curious what’s in trend when it comes to bridal hairstyles and bridal makeup

The vintage inspiration….

The hunger for vintage and retro hasn’t passed this season as well, so we can feed our eyes with refined structures, precious fabrics and a multitude of details that are a part of the last century’s fashion. We enjoyed especially the collections that were signed by Alberta Feretti and Claire Pettibone, but also those signed by Natalie Gladman for Madeline Isaac James.

Short, short and short again!

As in the last century the designers used to cut their Victorian ball wedding dresses to make place for the tulip skirts or the crayon ones, the modern designers have shorted with confidence the princess wedding dresses of the latest years.

It’s no surprise for anyone that the very well known designers like Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang or Romona Kerveza have offered half of their collections for the wedding dresses designed in tea length.

Refined romanticism….

Far from the image of the classic and romantic bride, the designers suggest this year a delicate approach offered to the bridal gown. We can observe on the catwalk, discrete apparitions and fluid structures that recall of the elegance of wedding dresses form Antique Greece. The perfect collection for explaining this trend is that of Alberta Ferretti.

Romantic wedding dresses can be now observed in all the spots in the designer’s collections. Certainly, you may have a general idea on how such a wedding dress looks like, but how about applying for such a wedding dress for the big day?

The wedding trends are indeed important

The wedding trends are indeed important to be taken into account if you want to look like a trendy bride in the big day! Certainly, you want a wedding dress that has appeared on the catwalk recently and this means paying extra money….

These are in big lines, the wedding trends that you have to be aware of when it comes to wedding dresses and bridal gowns generally! If you want to look special, then listen to our pieces of advice and surely you’re going to end up looking really fine in the big day! These being said, we only hope you take into account these pieces of advice as long as you want to look gorgeous in the big day!

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