Wedding Vows For Eternal Happiness

We all believe that marriages are made in heaven

We all believe that marriages are made in heaven and wedding vows provide sanctity to the institution of marriage. The tradition of taking the wedding vows before friends and family strengthen the bond of love in the couple-to-be.We all believe that marriages are made in heaven

What Are Wedding Vows?

Wedding vows are the promise that the groom and the bride make to each other. These vows can vary according to tradition and culture and also according to the type of wedding, whether religious or civil. For a religious wedding, the pastor would preside over the event and the vows would be formal while in civil weddings, informal language and creative wedding ideas are allowed.

The underlying values of the vows are faith, caring, sharing and eternalness.

When the couple takes their wedding vows, they promise to stand by each other as a true friend, a supporter, a lover and a life-partner. An inseparable part of the marriage ceremony, the vows reaffirms the faith that the bride and the groom lay in each other that they would have a lifelong relationship of perfect love and understanding. Happy are those couples that fulfill their vows all their married lives supported through their faith and commitment.What Are Wedding Vows?

Taking Wedding Vows

Wedding vows, varying from personal to impersonal, are an integral part of wedding etiquette. Most couples choose to take the vows with God and the people present in the church as the witnesses. Though wordings may differ in other faiths, the essence of these vows remains the same. In a church ceremony, the vows would depend on what the common practice is in their church service.

You might be touched to see the Jews take wedding vows by exchanging rings just as much as the Muslims wed in the name of Allah. Hindu vows are just as poignant as the vows in a Buddhist marriage that use meditation and contemplation.

At times, the couple-to-be might not be religiously inclined and prefer to take non-denominational vows, omitting the mention of God. At other times, two persons of different faiths might decide to wed and take vows that do not conflict with each other’s religious preferences. Wedding vows are quite a personal choice. The bride and groom can even choose to write down the vows that they wish to take.Taking Wedding Vows

The bridal day represents the union of two people

The bridal day represents the union of two people as one body and soul. So the couples should try not to forget the holiness of their vows for a lifetime. Let the couples have a happy future together fulfilling their promises of loving each other for a life time. Let couples turn back the pages of life and look back fondly, as the wedding vows are a promise proclaimed from the heart of one for the other, forever!

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