Whacky And Whimsical Bachelorette Party Supplies!

It’s fun to gather bachelorette party supplies! Here’s a list of supplies that you may want to surprise your guests with.

Party Kits

It includes party invitations, plates, napkins, balloons, even bachelorette party games. All the items are usually pink in color and have silhouettes of sexy men with their muscles flexed! However, you can change the color if you wish. (You may not want to change the silhouettes though!)



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Bridal “Misfit”

The bride-to-be may want the whole world to know that she’s gonna wed the man of her dreams. So, why not give a party veil in white and make her wear it around the city? For a naughtier stunt, make her wear devil horns to let everybody know that this is her bachelor night and she’s gonna be real bad!

Bachelorette Party Favors

There are hundreds of ideas for party favors. One of them is buying a button for the bride inscribed with the letters “BRIDE”, and “BRIDESMAID” for her friends.

Other Bachelorette Party Supplies

Generally, the supplies are meant to liven up the bachelorette party atmosphere. So, here’s a list of things you can add to your party to make it different.

  • Tableware, erotic balloons, colored and scented candles, aromatic tissue, and plastic cutlery
  • Bridal shower banners as well as keepsakes
  • Catering supplies
  • Silk roses, wire garlands, “thank you” cards
  • Cake serving sets, center pieces, silver souvenirs, silver crockery, party confetti, toasting glasses, potpourri, champagne glasses
  • Guest books, guest cards, photo albums
  • Fragrant cookies, chocolates in adult molds, adult lollipops and cakes
  • Bachelor’s party window signs, make-up, costumes, rings, bracelets, warning tape, bridal bags, leather accessories

There’s no end to the list of items you can include as bachelorette party supplies.

Bachelorette Party Supplies For Theme Parties

There are also supplies available that cater to themes like Roman feasts, Prisoner of Love, Movie Star look-alikes, and other television shows based themes. The supply packages provide chosen items like Big Girl Goodie Bags, Bachelorette Party Hostess Package, Games Package, Last Night Out Packages, and other such fascinating stuff.

Get a party camera and have yourself clicked clinging to the sexy male silhouette! Get as wild as you can and let the camera capture your wild side! If you think such photos might upset your married life, when you see them later with your hubby, it’s better to keep the memories in your mind.

There are wild and weird items for a wild night out with friends. For a more modest affair, you can miss out the condom veils and other such adult stuff! It depends on how you want the party to be. There is no dearth of bachelorette party supplies, whatever you choose to do.

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