Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings – Ideas For The Perfect Winter Wedding

With winter weddings gaining popularity among people, it is now essential to start planning well in advance to have a perfect wedding day. It is now possible to have a beautiful wedding in winter that is both cozy and spectacular at the same time. There are many places to get ideas from for the perfect winter wedding. Bridal magazines and wedding planning guides have many options and ideas for holding weddings in the winters. Other sources for ideas on the perfect wedding may be from friends or family. People who have previously planned such a wedding or attended a wedding may have lots of information and it would be wise to seek their suggestions and ideas on wedding themes.

Things To Take Care Of For A Perfect Winter Wedding

While planning your winter wedding, looking after a few details could help a great deal to make the occasion a memorable one.

  • Color scheme: When you are selecting the color scheme for your wedding, take care to select colors that are ‘warm’ and appealing for the guests. Rich colors like terra-cotta, purple, ruby, navy and forest-green are ideal for an inviting ambience that is warm and elegant.
  • Accessories: Accessories like centerpieces and other decorations are also equally important while planning your winter wedding. Decorations like glittering snowflakes and berry filled branches of holly are perfect to add a festive touch to the venue of the wedding and reception. Pine cones set in frosted glass bowls are ideal as centerpieces.
  • Location: A picturesque cottage or a bed and breakfast, ideally with a fireplace, can be a perfect backdrop for your wedding. Just imagine your guests enjoying hot chocolate and warming themselves near the fireplace. You could also provide your guests with an afternoon of sleigh rides and skiing to make the day even more memorable. There are also many places to choose from to hold a destination wedding in winter.
  • Wedding favors: There are many ideas for wedding favors that would be in sync with your winter wedding theme. Christmas ornaments engraved with the wedding date, spiced teas, personalized mugs or snow globes can all be given as wedding favors. As in Asian theme weddings, spiced teas are also an ideal wedding favor.
  • Menu: You could try creating a personalized dinner menu for your guests. Ask all the people in your family to submit their favorite family recipes and select a few of these for your caterer to make a unique meal for the perfect winter wedding.

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