Your Name, His Name, Our Name

Today’s bride has a lot of new “traditions”

Today’s bride has a lot of new “traditions” that need to be consider in our modern world when planning the next step of you and your partners lives; like step parents and blended families, cultural awareness’s, and how you define partnership within your own relationship. Of course most modern women are constantly combining our new roles and old roles such as careers and families, cooking and lunch meetings, cleaning and scheduling. That’s the great thing about being the modern women and the modern bride you can chose how you define your own “modern women,” you can be very traditional, very modern, or you can have it all and what better way of putting your definition out there then with your own last name.

However, with any choice it shouldn’t just be entered into lightly

However, with any choice it shouldn’t just be entered into lightly, this is a choice that will reflect on you and your relationship, as well as it will have social, cultural, and business affects. When choosing what your last name will be you should always first figure out what you’re moral, traditional and political values are and then discuss these ideas with your partner. It will not only make you look deeper into yourself as an individual and what that means to you but it will also allow for a deeper discussion with your spouse. So, once you have gotten past the wordier part of thinking about your last name, you should then consider how any of the many options will best fit your life style. The traditional and most common choice is to take your husband’s last name, it allows for greater cohesiveness with identification as the two individuals being united and the whole family falling under one name.

However, although it may be common it may not fit every family, partnership, or individual.

If you have become known professionally with your original last name it may not fit your career goals to alter your name. Maybe you just like your name and want to keep it as sense of your own identity. It also may have heritage significance to maintain your family’s last name. All of these factors are the perfect reason to look into alternatives in preserving your own last name as you continue on with marriage and family. You can keep your last name and he keeps his, as long as the two of you are united it does not necessarily mean your names have to be. Your spouse could take your last name, although very unorthodox it may be a perfect way of having the legal and metaphoric significance of having the same last name for a very modern couple. Of course this is a relationship and so there is always room for middle ground, hyphenate the two names so that the two of your last names are both used.

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